Zain is looking to hire

Zain is looking to hire

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Zain is looking to hire

Management Accounting Team Member
You will be responsible for :-

Assisting in the preparation of accounting and financial reports, budgets, forecasts, analyses and business plans. 
Collaborating with different departments within Zain in the aim of preparing consolidated budgets. 
Assisting in the preparation of Zain’s business plans with consolidating financial statements and other financial reports. 
Monitoring operational and capital expenditure through purchase requisitions process.
Analyzing current trends and costs, administrative commitments, and obligations incurred as well as assessing future expenses.
Reviewing and updating the costing module for all products in order to be used for pricing and profitability analyses. 
Assisting in preparing business cases for scenarios including asset investment as well as scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis to enable quick decision making and identification of risk and business opportunities. 
Assisting in conducting financial analysis for commercial concepts/ sales campaigns and pricing of new products/ services and providing feedback for concerned party.
Assisting in providing management with post-implementation analyses and evaluations regarding profitability of shops, call centers, and any commercial product. 
Calculating and controlling product and services commission schemes for different sales channels for employees’ and non-employees’ commissions. 
Reviewing and approving commercial activities such as sales agreement, credit notes, MW/Fiber links corporate installation and Free of charge requests.
Reviewing Accounts Receivables and Payables, Inventory control and asset tracking as well as depreciation.
Assisting in assessing and identifying potential financial risks and examining processes and procedures to ensure minimum risk and cost. 
Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct supervisor.


You will be required to have Bachelor’s degree n Financing, Accounting or a related field.
You shall have 0-2 years of relevant experience.

Soft Skills

Hardworking & team player.
Detailed Oriented
Commitment to Excellence
Analytical Thinking
Data Analysis



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