Roya TV  is looking is to hire

Roya TV is looking is to hire

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Roya TV  is looking is to hire

Talent Marketing and Management Manager

Job Description

•Key Responsibility Areas
Setting up meetings with clients or possible employers
• Ensures coordination of various learning activities by leveraging other talent management resources both within the Region.
• Responsible for guiding the regional team in the development, implementation and deployment of Talent Management programs
• Assessing the talent of prospective clients
• Arranging performances or publicity events for talents
• Making travel arrangements
• Creating advertising strategies
• Handling accounting matters
• Establishing professional relationships with people and organizations
• Finding potential clients
• Leverage offline and online search engines to broaden talent database
• Maintain updated talents database
Major Activities
• Supervise the careers of musicians, artists and authors.
• Negotiate contracts, oversee business deals and arrange meetings
• Managers seek out clients, which can involve conducting auditions, viewing art portfolios or reading manuscripts.
• Keep up with new trends in the industry by examining trade magazines, going to concerts and networking with agents and other executives.
• Offer creative guidance to make a client’s work more marketable. Schedule and promote performances. Set up events to launch new exhibits
• Serves as the main point of contact for business leaders in the Region for Talent Management and Development initiatives.
• Design of leadership curriculum & programs, implement and lead projects, assessments, coaching, associate engagement, and change management.
• Advise the Leadership Development Director with respect to issues and needs within leadership development
• Assist in development of communications and implementation plan of talent management and system initiatives
• Partnering with other content areas to implement programs and ensure alignment with the rest of the System
• Manage relationships with stakeholders and internal as well as external customers for better understanding of the business requirements in developing any strategy related to Talent Development
• Keeping abreast with industry trends and market environment and incorporating technical expertise, best practices and business imperatives in developing strategies, processes, tools, and programs for the key components of Leadership Development
• Advising, coaching, and counseling associates, managers, and business leaders on talent management
• Reviewing and improving integration between different processes to enhance delivery
• Identifying exceptions to policies, programs and processes within Talent Development, where necessary
• Analyzing feedback, data reports and metrics as they apply to team
• Guiding team members and managing their performance and development


• Expert knowledge of leadership theory, methods, and concepts. Ability to transform theory, methods, and concepts into tangible designs with measurable results.
• Expert knowledge of instruction design, including needs assessment methodologies, design alternatives, training evaluation, and continuous improvement.
• Technical expertise in mapping training needs requirements against business goals and objectives.
• Knowledge of instructional design, including needs assessment methodologies, design alternatives, training evaluation, and continuous improvement.
• Effective presentation skills. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Experience designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating training programs.
• Experience designing and developing programs and initiatives to create and sustain an organizational learning culture.
• Developing professional expertise, applies company policies and procedures to resolve a variety of issues.
• Must be able to work effectively in a matrixed organizational structure.


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