AMMAN ACADEMY is looking to hire

AMMAN ACADEMY is looking to hire

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AMMAN ACADEMY is looking to hire

Job description

What Alternative Career options do I have at Amman Academy, other than teaching?

Amman Academy’s Alternative Careers provides diverse opportunities in different professions within the education industry. These careers are taking on increasing crucial roles in shaping our students to become the next generation of leaders. These departments include professionals that are specialized in what they do and have established pioneering careers in their line of work. Joining these positions will provide you with focused practical experience and knowledge.

What should I expect working in the Marketing & PR Department?

The AA community has many achievements and success stories to share, so with our Marketing & PR Department the sky is the limit. Partake in developing higher strategic marketing plans, branding projects and ongoing daily happenings. Conduct meetings with creative and innovative professionals inside and outside the school on a regular basis . Scope is limitless in this department, so you will be learning how to lead and manage projects rather than dealing with the mundane. Receive all the support to manage people and resources from everywhere and anywhere.
Think of yourself as the light bulb of the school continuously coming up with new ideas with innovation and creativity. Get involved in developing our promotional material; school videos, yearbooks, magazines, build on our social media campaigns for our alumni, students and parents and finally help with our CSR initiatives with our adopted sister school program.

Is this a job I can love?

You will love it if you enjoy making a difference and if you are a committed person who celebrates personal growth. The work environment is lively and vibrant because of the happening intergenerational and diverse work community. If you are searching for an opportunity to challenge yourself with new endeavors and experiences, but while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance then it will provide you with just that. Expect to work closely with professionals that have studied and worked within the field.

How Do I fit in Amman Academy?

We collectively strive for academic excellence with integrity, creativity and commitment. We are devoted to encouraging and assisting our staff and students alike to realize their full potential, while aspiring to maintain a safe and rewarding work environment for our team members.

If you are searching for a supportive, enriching community that understands that its employees are the backbone of success, consider a career at Amman Academy. Our diverse community includes a strong team of 350 professionals from various backgrounds
Benefits include solid financial packages, continuous professional development and solid career opportunities.

What Education/Experience do I need?

Shortlisted candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing/Media/ Communications from a reputable university with an academic standing of good or above and majoring in a relevant degree to the position they are applying for.
Experience requirement
· Minimum of two years’ experience.


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