Amman Academy is looking to hire

Amman Academy is looking to hire

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Amman Academy is looking to hire

Homeroom Teacher

Job description

Is this a job for me?

The “Homeroom Teacher” vacancy is available to all applicants that want to begin a teaching career within the IB program. This vacancy is open to fresh graduates, individuals’ pursuing a career shift and teachers transferring to the IB program. The School provides professional development and training to support all applicants in their transition.

How Do I fit in Amman Academy?

We collectively strive for academic excellence with integrity, creativity and commitment. We are devoted to encouraging and assisting our staff and students alike to realize their full potential, while aspiring to maintain a safe and rewarding work environment for our team members.

If you are searching for a supportive, enriching community that understands that its employees are the backbone of success, consider a career at Amman Academy. Our diverse community includes a strong team of 350 professionals from various backgrounds

Benefits include a family financial package, continuous professional development and solid career opportunities

Is this a job I can love?

You will love it if you enjoy making a difference and if you are a committed person who celebrates personal growth. Teaching is an extremely rewarding profession that promotes work-life balance

What is required from this postion?

Teachers are expected to effectively deliver the school’s curriculum within the IB framework through a stimulating learning environment.

Teachers are expected to

  • Maintain the highest possible standards in all areas of their work
  • Provide a warm and effective learning environment for students
  • Prepare daily, weekly and semester plans
  • Contribute to the academic, pastoral and general development of the students.
  • Be familiar with the School’s policies and practices
  • Regularly monitor each student’s performance and progress against the criteria set in the School curriculum documents
  • Keep appropriate records of each student’s attendance and progress in accordance with the criteria set by the School
  • Set clear and high expectations for students
  • Communicate effectively with students, parents, and other professionals on a regular basis
  • Participate in meetings and professional development sessions
  • Participate actively in extra-curricular activities, programs and projects which support the School program and the development of the students
  • Primary/Secondary Education
  • Management Consulting
  • Banking



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