World Vision International – Jordan is looking to hire

World Vision International – Jordan is looking to hire

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World Vision International – Jordan is looking to hire

Data Entry/Freelancer

World Vision International – Jordan:
Join us and be part of a global relief, development and advocacy NGO, dedicated to work with children, families & communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision International was established in 1950 & operates in nearly 100 countries worldwide. We are committed to the protection of children and we do not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment types (full time, freelance, consultancy…etc) is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible. For more information, please visit

Position Title: Data Collection/ Freelancer
Enumerators tasks List
Attend a 1-days training on how to conduct household beneficiaries visits and assessments.
Work under the supervision of the community facilitators to collect data and conduct the beneficiaries visits and assessments.
To collect data from Amman, Irbid, Mafraq and Zarqa as needed.
To take clear and accurate notes on provided tablets from the beneficiaries.
To apply all beneficiaries visits rules and guidelines while conducting the assessments.
To keep all the data collected confidential and not to use it in any manner.
To re-collect data as needed.

قائمة المهام المطلوبة من جامعي البيانات المطلوبة من المستفيدين من الدعم النقدي.

حضور يوم للتدريب على كيفية عمل الزيارات المنزلية والتقييم وجمع البيانات من خلالها.*
و العمل تحت اشراف فريق التيسير المجتمعي من مشروع “نور”. جمع البيانات المطلوبة *
القيام بتسجيل الملاحظات كاملة و بصورة دقيقة باستخدام الاجهزة اللوحية. *
القيام بالزيارات و التقييم بما يتطابق مع الأسس و المعايير التي تم التدرب عليها.*
جمع البيانات من المحافظات اربد و المفرق و الزرقاء و عمان حسب الحاجة.*
الحفاظ على سرية البيانات التي تجمع و عدم استخدامها لأي جهة أو أي غرض.*
إعادة جمع البيانات حسب الحاجة

Core Capabilities:

• Achieving quality results and service
• Practicing accountability and integrity
• Communicating information effectively
• Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly
• Understanding the Humanitarian industry
• Understanding WV’s mission & operations
• Practicing continuous innovation & creativity
• Learning for growth and development
• Maintaining work/life balance
• Building collaborative relationships
• Practicing gender & cultural diversity
• Influencing individuals & groups
If you are Jordanian and meet our requirements, please submit your resume via Akhtaboot.

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