BCI Group is looking to hire

BCI Group is looking to hire

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BCI Group is looking to hire

BCI Group is looking to hire Senior IT Support Officer with BSc Degree in Computer Engineering, Information Technology or any other field 3-5 years of Exp and as the below Duties
•Monitors and tracks the ticket on the ticketing system and to make sure to solve related case in proper way with minimum time.
•Develops and maintains installation and configuration procedures.
•Creates, changes and deletes user accounts as requested.
•Monitors network communication.
•Updates system as soon as the new version of OS and application software comes out.
•Provides end users with full technical support and explain the issues on their laptops /PC.
•Administers DHCP and DNS.
•Administers User accounts in Active Directory.
•Updates technical documentation, network diagrams and addressing schemes for network.
interested Candidates please submit your CV Careers@bci.jo and mention IT Senior Support Officer in the Subject


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