Bank al Etihad is looking to hire

Bank al Etihad is looking to hire

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Bank al Etihad is looking to hire

الوصف ومتطلبات الوظيفة

1. Position Summary:
This role is responsible for building and implementing processes to help automate all and any aspect of the operation of the bank from a technology perspective
2. Responsibilities:
1    Assesses and builds tools to automate the technology operations of the bank
2    Implements continuous integration tools for the technology team
3    Liaise with internal teams (e.g. developers, product managers, infrastructure, testing/QA) to identify manual choke points and automate those
4    Build/use tools to monitor the correct operation of the systems
5    Improve development/qa/prod cycle provisioning efficiency
6    Minimize human interaction, minimize human errors, minimize time, maximize efficiency, remove bottlenecks
1    Education:  Degree in Computer Science, Computer engineering or any relevant field
2    Experience: 2 years experience working in an agile environment



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