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وظائف شاغرة لدى منظمة اطباء بلا حدود

وظائف شاغرة لدى منظمة اطباء بلا حدود

hatemsalah 28 أكتوبر, 2018 لا تعليقات مهن اخرى 1549 مشاهدات

وظائف شاغرة لدى منظمة اطباء بلا حدود

Médecins Sans Frontières runs a reconstructive surgery program (RSP) at Al Mowasah Hospital in Amman.

The RSP was established in 2006 to offer orthopaedic, maxillofacial and plastic surgery, as well as physiotherapy and psychosocial support to victims of war and violence from Middle Eastern countries. It was initiated after victims of war in Iraq were unable to access the necessary medical attention needed, and has continued due to the new and ongoing conflicts in the region and the lack of appropriate healthcare facilities in war-torn countries.

A few figures from the RSP :

  • average 580 admissions per year for an average length of stay of 4 months,
  • over 1000 surgeries annually,
  • 72 surgical beds and 126 rehabilitation beds,
  • 2 OTs for orthopedic, maxillofacial and plastic surgeries,
  • OPD with in average 550 consultations / month
  • physiotherapy and psychosocial department, pain management
  • microbiology laboratory within the hospital
  • 200 employees;
  • 11.5 million euros annual budget.

Accountabilities of the Deputy Head of Mission

  • The Deputy Head of mission is in charge of the overall management of MSF reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman.
  • The aim of the position is to define, put in place and supervise all necessary medical, human, material and organizational resources to ensure quality, security and continuity of care for the patients.
  • S/He supervises and ensure coherence of the application of the medico – operational program
  • Guarantees a safe, effective and efficient working environment
  • Is responsible for ensuring the transversality and complementarity of the different medical and non-medical activities.
  • Animates and ensures the progress and update of the RSP 3 years strategic plan
  • Reports on Hospital status to the Head of Mission and to the cell
  • Replaces the HoM when absent and upon request of the HoM, represents MSF in official meetings


As the leader of the team’s directorate, he/she ensures definition, revision and implementation of the general strategy of RSP and leads the annual planning process. He / She:

  • Facilitates cross cutting relations between all departments in order to answer to the needs of good and efficient functioning of the Hospital;
  • Ensures that all necessary agreements, permits and licenses necessary to run the hospital activity are in place;
  • Stays aware of all legislation in force that may impact the hospital activity and management;

Hospital management

  • The deputy Head of mission ensures coordination of all human, financial, material resources and clinical and nursing activities for the best quality of care to the patients
  • He/she ensures adequate human resources capacity in terms of size and knowledge, and promotes a propitious and transversal environment for learning and development;
  • He/she ensures ensures continuity and efficiency of finance, human and material resources and promotes the development of internal control within all departments of the hospital;
  • He/she ensures proper implementation of MSF and RSP policies and protocols
  • Oversees that the operational budget is established and monitored, , with the objective to assure and guarantee the sustainability of the hospital
  • Supports the design and builds a multiyear plan concerning resources, investment, HR development, budget planning and medical activity developments, in line with RSP strategic plan;
  • Together with the hospital management team, prepares project proposals and reports to donor


  • Drives the internal communication within the hospital;
  • Develops appropriate tools and means;
  • Conducts regular efficient meetings;

Monitoring, reporting & evaluation

  • Ensures the implementation and use of tools for monitoring & evaluation within the hospital;
  • Monitors the performance of the medical and non-medical departments, identifying and addressing any shortcomings that might affect overall organization;
  • Analyses the monthly indicators (medical and non-medical)
  • Evaluates and offers recommendations as well as oversees implementation of processes and procedural priorities to increase ability to make informed and timely decisions;
  • Guarantees that all reporting necessary for correct, reliable and objective decision making and evaluation of activities is done, and that the information is communicated to all concerned parties

Additional activities descriptions

  • Manages, supervises, coaches and mentors lined staff;
  • S/he is responsible of ensuring the security and safety of staff, patients and visitors within the hospital


    • Team management and leadership

    • Strategical analysis

    • Result Orientation

    • Flexibility

    • Computer skills (word, advanced excel …)

Professional skills

    • Degree / Ms degree required in relevant field

    • Compulsory previous experience working in NGOs or in a healthcare institution

    • Compulsory previous consequent managerial experience of 3 years minimum

    • Experience in management of complex organizations/environments is an asset

    • Experience with pronounced budgets and HR staffing is recommended

    • Knowledge of hospital management and norms is an asset

    • English  (essential)

    • Arabic (an asset)

Position’s specificities

    • 12 months contract

    • Fixed term contract

    • Based in Amman, Jordan

    • Salary status according to the MSF salary grid and your previous experience in international NGOs if any.

    • Monthly Perdiem

    • Insurances : medical health coverage, life insurance, repatriation insurance

    • Paid holiday : 25 days per year

Contract type
Fixed-term contract

Deadline for submission
5 November 2018

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