Air Arabia Jordan is looking to hire fresh graduates


* Academic qualification

Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Business Administration or any relevant field

* Working experience

Minimum 2+ years of relevant experience in administration. (Preferable that the candidate is a former national team or a club player)

* Competencies

Excellent communication skills in English and Arabic with the ability to write, copy-read and proofread documents.

* Additional information

Female / Candidate’s age should not exceed 30 years

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Administrative coordination between all national team members to achieve the desired outcomes.
  2. Booking required venues and halls to set up training sessions and meetings (if required).
  3. Creating a comprehensive database for the team players and their guardians with continuous updates to it.
  4. Applying all instructions and disciplinary regulations during inside and outside camps.
  5. Informing the staff members and players about the arrangements and instructions on a regular basis.
  6. Coordinating with the medical staff to follow-up on the players’ conditions.
  7. Keeping up the high spirit of the team and boosting the self-confidence of the players and team members.
  8. Implementing the rules & regulations, plans and programs set in regards to players’ discipline and the obligations of technical and medical staff.
  9. Supporting the players and overcoming the challenges that occur on and off the training grounds and campus.
  10. Maintaining a flexible and smooth workflow of management during training sessions and official matches.
  11. Following up on the affairs of coaches and specialists in the national team and trying to solve problems that occur between any parties.
  12. Administrative follow-up regarding the financial and technical requirements and needs of the players and staff members.
  13. Providing the necessities for all staff members and players, understanding the technical vision of the head coach without interfering in their work.
  14. Submitting weekly, monthly, and annual administrative reports while taking into consideration the recommendations of the head coach.
  15. Preparing and coordinating with internal and external parties related to the scope of work needed to arrange footballing camps.
  16. Preparing all travel requirements and visa documents for the staff members and players.
  17. Coordinating with the concerned parties to provide the national team with the required training equipment and gears and ensuring good maintenance and storage of it.

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