Orange is looking to hire

Orange is looking to hire


Marketing Expert
Developing & implementing segments’ value propositions aiming at increasing revenues and differentiating the product, segmenting the market and monitoring revenues, arpu, customer usage behavior and spending patterns.

ICT Service Expert

Position Name:ICT Service Expert
Unit:Enterprise Business Unit
Directorate:Enterprise Customer Care, Back Office & Contact Center Directorate
Department:Enterprise Customer Service & Operations
Reporting to:Customer Care Director


Costing Expert

Position Name:Costing Expert
Unit:Finance Corporate Services
Directorate:Costing & Network Economics Directorate
Reporting to:Costing & Network Economics Manager


Financial Control Analyst

Position Name:Financial Control Analyst
Unit:Finance Corporate Services
Directorate:Corporate Financial Controlling Directorate
Department:Budget and ERP Controlling Department
Reporting to:Team leader / Manager


Senior Account Manager

Position Name:Senior Account Manager
Unit:Enterprise Business Unit
Directorate:SME & Large Accounts Sales Directorate
Department:Key Accounts Department
Reporting to:Sales Manager


Senior Account Manager (ICT)

Position Name:Senior Account Manager (ICT)
Directorate:Managed Services Directorate
Department:Managed Services Department


Strategic & Business Planning Expert

Position Name: Strategic & Business Planning Expert
Unit:Strategy & Customer Experience Corporate Services Unit
Directorate:Strategic & Business Planning Directorate
Department:Business Planning & Analysis Department
Reporting to:Business Planning & Analysis Manager


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