Jeeran is looking to hire

Jeeran is looking to hire

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Jeeran is looking to hire

Graphic Designer

Job Description and Requirements

In Jeeran we are a growing company and are looking for great driven people to join our team and build Jeeran into a valuable tool for everyday life to millions of people.

We have a new position (Graphic Designer) that is great for people who are looking to gain a lot of experience quickly and be part of a journey of building a regional product used literally by millions in the Arab World.

We want people who are energetic, creative, and self learners.

This job is about:

– Responsible for taking briefs and doing design work for our clients.
– Responsible for doing branding art work.
– Responsible for doing art work for our website, mobile apps, and other BTL materials.
– UX and wireframes

Here are a few links to let you know more about our Jeeran and our company culture:


This is a part time position for 20 hours a week.


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