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Job Purpose

The Data Modeling Developer is responsible for developing and implementing development tools for data export, transfer and load. In addition to developing programs to simulate data modeling and algorithms. He /she would also develop and implement tools for action execution and integrating actions with required systems and platforms. Also, they would participate in data mining and data modeling along with digital team.

The job entails exposure to:

Participate in data modeling implementation using statistical computing languages.

  • Perform programing using one of the OO languages
  • Perform programing using R Language or Python
  • Participate in data modeling and data mining.

Import and export data using latest development kits.

  • Develop tools for exporting and importing data
  • Develop tools for data transfer and loading

Implement proposed uses cases by integrating with all required platforms.

  • Use programming tools to implement and execute proposed cases by stakeholders.
  • Integrate tools with required cloud platforms
  • Report results to stakeholders

Use DWH tools and Big Data platforms to implement proposed use cases.

  • Use DWH and Big Data sources to generate smart reporting
  • Use DWH and Big Data sources for data analytics exercises

Support the function of Data modeling and data analysis.

  • Support data analytics team with exporting and importing data
  • Support data analytics team with data modeling and mining.


Education:Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, MIS, Software Engineering or any related fields.

Experience: 0-2 years of experience

Knowledge of:

  • Product/Service ; insights about the customer experience and products details.
  • POS & CRM experience.
  • API management.

Skills in:

  • C++/Java and object oriented programing .
  • R Language or Python.
  • Database .
  • Google Firebase .
  • Cloud Computing .
  • Excellent command of English language speaking and writing.
  • Excellent command of MS office applications.
  • Creativity and openness for innovation and capability to implement best practices.

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